Introduction: Snoring and Sleep Apnea

The Pasha Snoring and Sinus Center is designed for those who Snore or those who have Sleep Apnea.

You or your bed partner may be a snorer or gasper or perhaps you do not feel that you get adequate quality rest, waking up tired and unsatisfied. Your bed partner may be stressed watching your every breath while you stop breathing at night. Many people with sleep related disorders are inefficient during the day, falling asleep easily or constantly feeling tired. Many of our patients are depressed and moody and have trouble with weight gain.  Unfortunately, for many who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea you are given one choice… A CPAP machine.

Why We Are Different…For those of you diagnosed with sleep apnea you may not have been given an explanation of your sleep study or been told the severity of your sleep apnea. More commonly, patients are given only one option for sleep apnea, independent of the cause or severity of their sleep apnea. The most common treatment, which is often not tolerated, is the CPAP machine. Patients may be told that they need an expensive dental appliance or an office procedure, with unrealistic expectations of their outcome without being informed of all options, including treatments that may be covered by insurance. Finally, sleep apneic patients are rarely informed of the cause of their sleep apnea; only being told they “need a CPAP machine.”

Our Center Investigates The Cause… then provides the answer.

Our center is comprehensively designed to provide real, proven solutions after diagnosing the cause of your snoring or sleep apnea. Dr. Pasha has the unique distinction of also being specialty-certified in sleep medicine and has developed his own program and combination of techniques to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Our clinic is not a “one trick pony.” We offer an entire array of possible solutions. In the Greater Houston area Dr. Pasha has become a pioneer for numerous techniques; from in-office solutions such as the Pillar Procedure™ to more advanced surgical techniques for severe sleep apnea even utilizing the Da Vinci robot in the operating room. Dr. Pasha also provides other traditional modalities: from dental appliances to the latest breathing machines, including CPAP and Bi-PAP devices.

The following section represents our dedication to comprehensive care for snorers and sleep apneic patients. Feel free to review our site and then call to make an appointment or contact us online.