3 Signs Holiday Stress Isn’t the Cause of Sleep Problems

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Though the holidays are meant to be a joyful time of the year, oftentimes people experience more stress than usual. With impending deadlines, family gatherings to plan and lots of travel, it can be hard to turn your brain off and get some sleep at night. However, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night or are waking up feeling tired, stress may not be the cause but rather the indicator.

1. You Were Gaining Weight Before The Holidays

We know this time of year is hard on the waistline because of all of the parties and festivities, but if you’re already struggling to button your bottoms, that could be a sign of a more serious sleep issue. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your metabolism slows to conserve energy. In addition, not getting enough sleep can cause you to make bad eating decisions during the day. Studies have shown that sleep deprived people eat less breakfast and consume more snacks throughout the day. Other studies have indicated that a lack of sleep can increase your craving for unhealthy foods that are high in carbohydrates or sugar.

2. You’re Tired Even After Catching Up on Sleep

Though we always recommend you stick to a consistent sleep schedule, sometimes you just need to sleep in on a Saturday. However, sleeping in on the weekends may not make you feel refreshed. This could be an indication that, though you may be getting enough sleep, you may not be getting good sleep. There may be something happening while you sleep that is disrupting your REM cycle and preventing your body from accomplishing all it needs to while you rest.

3. You Wake Up Feeling Like You’re Breathless

This is the most indicative sign of a real sleep issue. If you wake up suddenly once or several times in the night catching your breath, this often indicates there is something blocking your airway that is preventing you from breathing clearly. Most often, this is associated with a common sleep condition called sleep apnea. However, it could also be a number of other issues as well.

If you’re experiencing one or two of these issues, we encourage you to take action and come in for a sleep study. If you’re experiencing all three of these issues, you may have a serious sleep condition known as sleep apnea. This condition, if left untreated, can cause high blood pressure, lung disease, or even a stroke. If you’re ready to take action and seek treatment for your sleep problems, call our office at 713-523-8800 or schedule an appointment online today.