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  1. The Pillar Procedure is FDA approved to treat snoring and mild sleep apnea by stiffening the soft palate.
  2. The pillars that are inserted into the soft palate during the procedure are made out of polyester and are 0.08 inches in diameter and 0.71 inches in length.
  3. The procedure can be done in the office and it takes approximately thirty minutes to be performed.
  4. The procedure only requires numbing the palate and the area around it but it does not require anesthesia, which makes the risks minimal. The area is numbed with sprays, gels, and Lidocaine.
  5. Most people can eat normally the same day of the procedure or within a few days.
  6. The Pillar Procedure will take 4 to 6 weeks to fully take effect and significantly reduce or even eliminate snoring.
  7. Dr. Pasha is one of the leading providers of The Pillar Procedure in the Greater Houston area.

To learn more about the Pillar Procedure, watch this short, informative video and make an appointment with Dr. Pasha today.