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woman lying on the floor doing yoga
It happens each and every year. This year, I’m going to do it! A year passes and nothing changes. Your plans to start working out consistently have fallen through. It’s tough to find the time with how busy work is, with taking care of two beautiful kids, and with wanting to have a little time to just sit back and relax. O well, there’s always next year!

What if all you needed to do was to dedicate 10 minutes to your health each night before bed? Does that sound manageable? We sure think so! And what if your routine also helped you sleep better? So instead of tossing and turning due to the stress of tomorrow’s big client presentation or out of frustration that little Savannah decided to create her own masterpiece using crayons on your living room wall, get on the right path for the uninterrupted sleep you’ve always hoped for.

Our collection of five yoga poses will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: fit in some exercise into your busy daily routine and help you sleep restfully throughout the night. For some additional tips on how to get quality sleep, we have you covered. No need for fancy equipment either. All you need is a bed and a yoga mat and you’re set.

Lying Spinal Twist Pose

This yoga pose isn’t as intense as it sounds. Start off by lying on your back on your bed or on your yoga mat. From there, bend your knees into your chest. Extend your arms close to your head, with your elbows straight and your palms facing up. Slowly lower both of your knees to your left side. Rest them on the ground or on your bed and turn your head to the right. Hold this position for at least five seconds. Lift your knees back to the starting position and follow the same process on your right side, with your head turning to the left.

Child’s Pose

This one is so easy your kids can do it! Actually, you’ve probably seen them do it before without realizing it’s a yoga pose. Start the exercise by sitting comfortably on your heels. Move your torso forward so that your head rests on your bed or yoga mat. Lower your chest as close as you can to your knees (without overstraining yourself) while extending your arms in front of you. Hold the pose for five seconds and breathe.

Cat and Cow Pose

Have you ever had aspirations to impersonate both a cat and a cow? Well, here’s your chance! Start off on your hands and knees. Inhale as you drop your stomach and lift your tailbone to the ceiling. You’re now engaging in the cow portion of the exercise. Exhale as you tuck your chin towards your chest, lift your back towards the ceiling, and scoop your tailbone under. You’ve now transitioned to the cat portion of the exercise. Do at least five repetitions while focusing on your breathing.

Reclining Big Toe Pose

While this exercise doesn’t give you the opportunity to impersonate an animal, it’s still a fun one. Start off by lying on your back with your toes together, pointed up. Inhale and bring your right leg to the ceiling, while clasping the back of your thigh with your hands. Hold for five seconds and then complete the same process with your left leg.

Legs up the Wall Pose

Finish your routine with this simple exercise. Start off by sitting down as close as you can to a wall. Place your feet on the wall with your knees bent. Now, extend your feet straight up so your heels rest on the wall. Keep your arms either by your side or by your head. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

There you have it. Five simple yet effective yoga poses that you can add to your daily routine. Performing these exercise each and every night before bed so it becomes a standard part of your day. That’s the key. You can perform the exercises in any order you would like and for as long as you would like. Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes—as long as your schedule will allow. Feel free to add new poses to your routine when you’d like to switch things up. This video presents a ten-minute routine with additional options. No matter which poses you choose, the end result is the same. Better sleep and the many benefits that come with that.

Struggling with sleep apnea, snoring, or another sleep condition? We’ve got plenty of options for you. Take back your sleep (so you can bring your A game to your upcoming client presentation) by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Pasha and his team. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more updates!

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