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While the best solution for allergies in the long run is to tackle the underlying issues, we recommend trying the following natural remedies when you need to get rid of your allergy symptoms and would prefer to say away from medication:

Nasal Irrigation

Neti PotPurchase some saline water nasal spray or use a neti pot to wash your nasal passageways. The saline water will ease the swelling of your nasal passageways and sinuses, as well as break up thick mucus, and reduce congestion.

Spicy Foods

Image - Spicy PeppersEating spicy foods can thin the mucus and clear your congestion. This will most likely cause your nose to run, so keep those tissues close!

Natural Supplements

Image - Natural SupplementsSuch as:

  • Butterbur: studies show that the Butterbur extract Ze 399 can be as effective as antihistamines for relieving allergy symptoms.
  • Quercetin: found in foods such as teas, onions, red wine, and apples, Quercetin can act like an antihistamine in treating your allergy symptoms.
  • Bromelain: this enzyme helps relieve some people’s inflammation and swelling in the nose.

Allergy Proofing Your Home

When there is a large count of pollen, mold, ragweed, etc., keep all of your windows closed and use the A/C instead to keep your home cool.

Keep your home clean and, if possible, change your A/C filter to a HEPA filter, which captures fine, pollen sized particles in the air and stops them from spreading all over your home through the A/C vents. It is also a good idea to purchase a HEPA filter for your vacuum cleaner. Here’s the complete list on how to allergy-proof your home.

Keep Yourself Allergen-Free

ShowerheadAfter spending time outside, quickly change your clothes and take a hot shower, if necessary, to remove any lingering allergens that might have stuck to you.


Woman Receiving AcupunctureThere is evidence that acupuncture can help treat some allergy symptoms such as: swelling of the nasal passages and excessive mucus production.

If your allergy symptoms persist, give us a call or make an appointment! Dr. Pasha can help you find the proper allergy treatment tailored to your particular needs.