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The telltale signs are all there—the sore, scratchy throat; the relentless facial pain; the classic headache; and the dreaded nasal congestion. For some of you readers, this list of symptoms is all too familiar to you. Yep, it’s the beastly sinus infection. We’ve gathered a list of seven struggles that will make all sinus-problem sufferers laugh…and then cry. But don’t worry. We know how relatable (and miserable) these struggles are, so when you’re done reading this blog post, you can discuss your sinus issues and say “sayonara” to your frequent sinus infections.

Persistent sinus issues

  1. You alone could keep Kleenex in business with the number of tissues you have on hand on any given day. You know when the symptoms hit that you’ll be battling a deluge of nasal mucus (probably not the best week for a first date) and a surplus of soft, triple-ply tissues are a necessity.
  2. You’ve tried every trick in the book for sore-throat relief. From constantly popping throat lozenges to snacking on marshmallows to swallowing a teaspoon of honey, there isn’t anything you haven’t tried.
  3. You’ve mastered the art of using a neti pot and all of the “fun” experiences that go along with it, like accidentally spraying water all over your face or trying to find the perfect temperature so as not to scorch or freeze your nasal cavities.
  4. You’ve gotten really good at fighting the urge to curl up in bed and sleep all day when the infection creeps up. Many people experience exhaustion with sinus infections, and dealing with the intense facial pressure and headaches can make it even worse. However, you’ve come to realize you can’t always drop everything and lock yourself in your bedroom when you come down with a sinus infection—so you’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with the symptoms when they come. (Although, just because you can deal with the symptoms doesn’t mean you have to or even should. Schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Pasha about some long-term solutions.)
  5. Your favorite meals don’t taste quite as delicious. With a sinus infection, your sense of smell and taste can decrease, which means that mouthwatering dinner you’ve been looking forward to all week might not live up to the hype.
  6. You go through a pack of gum a day. When you’re dealing with a sinus infection, you’re likely to experience some stinky breath, so you’re used to using up a whole lot of mouthwash, toothpaste, and spearmint gum during your infection.
  7. Your friends are used to hearing the excuse “Not tonight, I’ve got a sinus headache.” As much as you want to try that new sushi restaurant that just opened up, a sinus infection tends to get in the way of wanting to spend a late night out with friends.

If these symptoms sound a little bit too familiar to you, you may be used to dealing with sinus infections on a somewhat regular basis—but it doesn’t have to be that way! Dr. Pasha can meet with you to determine what exactly is causing your issue. Then, he’ll find a personalized solution to help you get rid of your sinus infections for good.
Struggling with seasonal or year-round sneezes and sniffles? We’ve got plenty of options for you. Kick allergies to the curb (so you can spend Friday night filling up on shrimp tempura rolls) by discussing your sinus struggles with Dr. Pasha and his team. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more updates!

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