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Living so close to the Gulf Coast, Houstonians are no strangers to hurricanes and power outages.

Carrying on with life as usual can be hard when you’re without power. But alas, the world keeps turning. And getting quality sleep without electricity might sound impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

Practicing a few simple strategies will improve your sleep quality, regardless of whether or not you currently have creature comforts like electricity.

1. First, Stay Hydrated

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, then it’s critical to keep a stash of bottled water in your home. Keeping yourself hydrated helps cool you down, which leads to better sleep through a hot and humid night.

2. Close Off Warmer Rooms & Draw the Curtains

If any of your rooms tend to be warmer than others, close them off. You can also use a towel to seal the gap at the bottom of the door. Additionally, drawing blackout curtains is a good way to insulate your home.

3. Invest in Bedding With Natural Fibers

Don’t get caught up in fancy patterns and dismiss the material. Instead, opt for sheets and pillowcases made of natural, breathable fibers like linen. Also, try to avoid foam mattresses and pillows, as they absorb and trap body heat.

It doesn’t always take a power outage to disturb your sleep. If you find yourself struggling with a lack of sleep year-round, make an appointment with Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center to find relief.

4. Fill the Tub or Soak Your Feet

If you’re lucky enough to have running water when the power goes out, take a bath before bedtime. Although it may sound counterintuitive, a hot bath will actually decrease your body temperature. And they can improve your sleep efficiency!

5. Exercise is Good, But Not Before Bed!

Staying active is important to your physical and mental health. Moreover, daily exercise expends energy, helping you to sleep well at night. However, exercising too close to bedtime can result in a body-temperature spike. If you’re already dealing with no air conditioner, it is best to plan your exercise routine earlier in the day.

Does your lack of sleep make exercising seem too difficult? Don’t let your health suffer from poor sleep. Confirm your appointment with Pasha Sinus & Snoring Center today.

6. Put Away the Wine Late at Night

While it may seem to help you fall asleep quickly, having alcohol too close to bedtime will actually prevent you from reaching deep sleep.

Sleeping without electricity is hard enough, especially when it’s hot and humid. But if you’re going to drink anyway, keep it light and at least four hours before bed.

7. Address Any Snoring, Sleep Apnea, & Allergy Issues Before the Next Storm

If you have a history of snoring, sleep apnea, or allergy problems, then it’s time to make an appointment with a doctor. You are already battling for a good night’s rest. When the power goes out, these issues may only get worse.

Don’t wait for the next hurricane to realize you need to be proactive about your health. Untreated, these problems get worse and can result in long-lasting health problems.

Visit an ENT specialist at Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center today!

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