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This week, clinics and hospitals across the country celebrate Healthcare Quality Week. The purpose is to applaud the contributions professionals have made in the field of healthcare. At the Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center, we take great pride in providing long-term solutions for snoring, sleep apnea, allergies, and sinus-related disorders. While snoring is no laughing matter (just ask your significant other), we thought we would take a fun spin on the topic this week. Have you ever heard someone snore in a public place? Better yet, have you ever snored in public? We’ll take a look at five of the most embarrassing spots to be caught snoring red-handed.  

In Class

The first takes us back to the days of being a student. Whether it’s elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, we all remember those days when getting through a particular class was a monumental challenge. You may have been up late studying the night before (rather than partying, we hope!), thus lacking the energy to power through your 8 A.M. calculus class. You feel your eyes getting heavy and your head starts to droop. Next thing you know, you’re fast asleep! Unless you’re in one of those massive 400-person lectures, the sound of your snoring definitely entertained your classmates. Your teacher or professor, not so much. There goes your participation grade for the day!

At Work

Even though you’ve graduated, falling asleep at inopportune moments can still be a challenge as an adult. In fact, it may become more likely as you get older! Take this scenario, for example. It’s Wednesday morning. Your kids have kept you up all night so you stumble into work groggily. Now, you’re stuck in one of those meetings that could have been handled in an email. One of those meetings that drags on forever as your boss, Bill, gives a thirty-minute soliloquy on some unknown matter. You’ve tried doodling to get you through the boredom. Unfortunately, there are only so many cool doodles you can draw before your eyes start to get heavy just like they did many years ago in calculus class. Once you wake up from your brief snore session, Bill’s piercing eyes indicate to you that your performance review may not go as well as you had hoped.

At a Concert

You’ve agreed to go to a concert with your buddy Saturday night. Your friend, Jimmy, is a huge KISS fan. Jimmy arrives at the show decked out in face paint and his twenty-year old KISS t-shirt which now fits him a little too snuggly. He sticks his tongue out and asks if you’re ready to rock out. You’re one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere, at any time. If an earthquake hit while you were sleeping, you’d likely snooze right through it. Sadly, you also don’t share your friend’s excitement for rock ‘n’ roll. You’re just there because you’re a good friend. Even with those guitar tunes and vocals blaring, you pass out. Jimmy looks at you in amazement. You’re snoring at a KISS concert! He slaps you on the back of the head and you can’t help but sheepishly grin. This is a story Jimmy will tell to the crew for years to come.

At a Wedding

They say your wedding will be the best day of your life. Attending weddings is a lot of fun, too! The opportunity to see your friend get married and spend the rest of his or her life with their significant other is a touching moment. While the reception is always a blast, sometimes those ceremonies can last just a bit too long. Especially when they’re early in the morning. When the priest asks, “does anyone object? Speak now or forever hold your peace,” and your snoring resembles a lawn mower, the priest may mistakenly take your snores as a statement of your discontent. You don’t want to be that guy or that gal!

At the Mall

For some reason, you’ve agreed to go to the mall with your wife instead of sitting on the couch and watching some football. You did have a couple things you wanted to pick up. After about an hour, you’re done shopping. Your wife, however, is just getting started. Rather than pace behind her through each and every store, you decide to sit on a bench. By now, you know what happens next! If you’re looking for a laugh, this article has 37 photos of men across the globe engaging in snooze fests at the mall.   

Even Family Feud got in on the action! The iconic game show asked contestants to name a public place you might hear someone snoring. Survey says church, bus, movie theater, library, airport, and hospital. Even though Family Feud’s answers didn’t make our list, there are so many funny places where someone can be caught snoring! Share some of your favorites with us in the comments.

While we took a light-hearted approach to the subject in this blog, snoring can be a major problem for many. We know how much of a toll it can take on your daily life and we’re here to find the right solution for your individual situation. Struggling with sleep apnea, snoring, or another sleep condition? We’ve got plenty of options for you. Take back your sleep by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Pasha and his team. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more updates!