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Your Houston Sleep Center!

Our centers provide sinus, snoring, and allergy solutions – not remedies. We take an holistic approach with our patients, what distinguishes us is that we take the time to understand their lifestyle in order to find the source of the problem, because each patient is unique. Our process goes beyond diagnosis. We educate and inform each client about their options.

Please take your time exploring our services and Education Library. When you are ready, contact us for an appointment. We are ready to help.

Are you having trouble sleeping through the night? Studies show that those who have difficulty getting a full night of rest – approximately eight hours – will struggle with other health problems. You could be at risk of everything from heart disease to high blood pressure, or you may simply find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused through the day. That’s where we come in. We will help you find the root cause of your sleep issue and make sure that the correct treatment is provided. Everyone is different. Five different patients suffering from snoring will not all require the exact same treatment.

For one it could be due to their throat closing in on itself during the night. This can be fixed with minor surgery which will ensure the airwaves remain clear.

Another could be experiencing issues with their sinuses triggered by an allergy. If that’s the case, it’s possible that the cause is environmental. Once the issue is discovered and pinpointed it can be removed and the client will be able to sleep peacefully once more.

We treat each client as an individual and offer a personal approach like no other. We know that waking up in the morning with headaches or feeling exhausted can cause stress and anxiety. We’re here to help, put your mind at ease and ensure that those restless nights become a problem of the past.

Perhaps you are going to bed at the right time and waking up in the morning still feeling completely drained? This could be a sign of sleep apnea. This condition causes you to stop and start breathing through the night. It can put immense pressure on the body but is completely treatable. We’ll help you find the diagnosis and the solution you need to any issue like this.

If you think you are suffering from a sleep condition we can arrange a home or lab sleep study to pinpoint the cause of your problem.

Our Locations

We have offices in Kirby and West Houston, both of which are easily accessible and open for appointments right now.

If you are struggling with sinus issues, snoring or even constant exhaustion, please do not hesitate to contact the closest office to you. A friendly member of our team will be more than happy to provide expert advice and support, ensuring you have all the information you require.

If you decide you’d like to complete treatment at one of our prestigious sleep centers you could not be in better hands. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we will provide a treatment solution undertaken by one of the top experts in Houston. Dr. Pasha, a pioneer in Balloon Sinuplasty, has helped countless patients gain the relief they needed and offered a solution to those with recurring sinus infections. This is precisely the type of treatment you can expect when you visit our sleep centers.

Regardless of what sleep condition is plaguing you, we are here for you. With our team by your side, you will find the solution to an issue that may have been impacting your life for years. Welcome to The Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center!

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