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Why Choose Dr. Pasha for Your Houston ENT Doctor?

In a major city like Houston, you have a wide range of choices for specialized care from ENT doctors. What makes the Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center different than others is Dr. Pasha’s holistic approach that’s catered to each individual’s needs. Dr. Pasha looks for complete solutions, not short-term remedies. He is Houston’s ENT Doctor of choice for a whole range of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

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The Balloon Sinuplasty™ Houston ENT Doctor

At The Pasha Snoring and Sinus Center, you have the advantage of seeing a highly regarded specialist in the field. Dr. Pasha is an innovator in the field as he is a key researcher in the development of Balloon Sinuplasty™. His research publications about this procedure were paramount in its wide acceptance as a high effective treatment for recurrent sinus problems.

Dr. Pasha is one of the most highly experienced practitioners of Balloon Sinuplasty. The method can be done under general anesthesia and combines microscopic endoscopes and a catheter system to access the sinuses. Very small balloons then inflate in order to open the passageways. This FDA approved technique is minimally invasive as compared to more traditional sinus surgery and thus allows for quicker recovery time for patients. For some patients, the procedure can also be performed in-office.

The Balloon Sinuplasty™ Houston ENT Doctor

As a board certified Otolaryngologist, Dr. Pasha also holds an additional certification in Sleep Medicine. If you or your partner is having sleep problems from snoring to sleep apnea, the Snoring and Sinus Center can evaluate the nature of the sleep disturbance and help you get a much needed restful sleep.

As a sleep apnea doctor, Dr. Pasha involves his patients in the treatment of sleep disorders. Many ENT doctors take the one-size-fits all approach to treating sleep apnea – the CPAP machine. While this may be effective for some types of sleep apnea and for some patients who tolerate this treatment, it is not ideal for everyone. Dr. Pasha makes sure that patients are fully aware of their sleep study results, the nature of their sleep problem, and what treatment options are available.

An innovator in many treatments, some patients may benefit from the Pillar Procedure™ which is performed in-office or surgical techniques that utilize robotic technology like the Da Vinci robotDental appliancesthe CPAP, and Bi-PAP are other treatment options as well. The key difference in Dr. Pasha’s approach is that the provides patients with complete information and treatment options that best suit their sleep problems and will provide long term solutions for better sleep.

Expert Care in the Underlying Causes of Allergies

While over the counter medication may treat the symptoms of allergies, Dr. Pasha and his team will help identify the cause(s) of your allergies and work on a treatment plan to address those underlying causes. If persistent allergies are affecting your day to day life, Dr. Pasha may conduct allergy testing, nasal endoscopy (a painless procedure using a microscope to see the inside of your nose), and imaging studies.

With a high level of expertise and experience treating allergies, Dr. Pasha believes in education and will explain your treatment plan to you. Also, this website has a strong educational component with detailed information on allergies, and various treatment options that may be suited to your particular case.

Dr. Pasha’s Commitment to Professional ENTs and the Community

Dr. Pasha is an important member of the Otolaryngology community. A look at his professional accomplishments will show how impressive his work is to his peers. He is often invited to lecture to medical students and practicing ENTs to share his knowledge of In-Office Sinuplasty™ and surgical management of sleep apnea.

Additionally, he provides community-based lectures to provide the public with the latest information about sleep disorders, allergies and other topics. His work with the Houston Wellness Association as well as leading discussions for personnel at BP Oil and Duke Energy exemplify his commitment to community outreach.