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Advanced Practice Provider

Anyone who has had their hearing loss addressed by Carol would tell you that she personally and completely invests herself in her patient’s needs. From the moment you are greeted by her, you will immediately feel at ease. That dreaded hearing exam, or worse, “the talk” about hearing aids, becomes your moment of opportunity to explore the realities of one of our five most important senses, the one that emotionally connects us with our surroundings and the people in our lives.

Carol brings with her a vast amount of knowledge only tenable from a 30+ year career in medical audiology. Together with the physicians at Oprex, she critically evaluates each patient’s unique symptoms in relation to their medical history, cognitive function, and psychosocial environment. Carol believes that “When it comes to hearing and verbal communication, no concern is to be minimized!” 

Carol has a very relaxed and confident presence and will be honest and direct when diagnosing your hearing loss and discussing solutions. “I believe that educating my patient and their family on the exact nature and implications of hearing loss is the single most important part of my job. What they do about that knowledge is a very personal decision, and I am here to help them make informed choices. It’s my obligation! The awesome privilege to serve my patients in this capacity keeps me challenged and satisfied in this profession.” 

It was in graduate school that Carol learned that she herself had undetected mild hearing loss. How ironic! This has provided her the opportunity to “test-drive” the technologies, compare manufacturers, and truly understand not only what her patient is experiencing but also the nuances and complex behaviors of these sophisticated hearing aids. This has been a powerful tool for her in helping her patients be successful. If she does not reach a solution to a hearing aid problem, she doesn’t hesitate to get the manufacturer on the phone in real-time to get to the root of it.

Don’t be surprised if you find Carol teaching you tricks about your cell phone that you never knew! She patiently introduces even the most tech-phobic patients to the vast world of options at their fingertips. “I get a kick out of teaching, especially my older patients, to easily listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and even ballgames through their hearing aids.” She is also emphatic that routine maintenance and programming updates are key to her exceptional outcomes! 

You will discover that she is an outdoor enthusiast and destination hiker, exploring as many National Parks as she can. Closer to home, she is a regular on the Memorial Park trails and volunteers there at the Conservancy and local community gardens. She also gets fired up about the Astros!

Carol is Board Certified and Licensed by the State of Texas as an Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Florida and her Master’s Degree in Audiology with a specialty in Educational Audiology and served as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in the Austin public school system. She is a life-long learner, especially regarding nutrition, exercise, and how to live well as we age.