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Dominik Lemke

Patient Coordinator

Dominik obtained his Abitur from one of the oldest humanistic university preparatory schools in Hamburg, the Wilhelm-Gymnasium, which was founded in 1881 and concentrates on classical languages and music. In addition to graduating as part of a specialized course program focusing on politics, societal issues, economics, and physics, Dominik also obtained his advanced Latin proficiency certificate after eight years of cumulative Latin instruction. 

In an attempt to experience diversity and change, Dominik decided to pursue a major in engineering at the University of Alabama but realized after two years of rigorous study that his true passion was medicine. Dominik is currently preparing to apply to medical school while finishing his studies in Houston. 

Over the past year, Dominik has had the honor of assisting Dr. Pasha in research and his sleep department, and he is gaining valuable first-hand experience in patient care and academia. If you encounter Dominik in his spare time, you will find him reading, practicing the piano, studying, building LEGOs, or exercising.