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Easter egg hunts are a tradition among many Americans and a fun activity for children of all ages.

Below you will find 5 tips to have an allergy-free Easter egg hunt that everyone can enjoy!
Happy Easter Illustration

Keep Indoors

While Easter egg hunts are traditionally held outdoors, this can become a problem for children and adults who suffer from spring seasonal allergies, otherwise known as hay fever. As much fun as egg hunts are, stuffy noses and itchy eyes can certainly put a damper on things.

To avoid risking allergy attacks for any of your guests, have your egg hunt indoors. Make sure you hide the eggs across multiple rooms or in a room big enough for children to run around and be challenged. This ensures bad weather won’t ruin your gathering. Even if an Easter weekend rainstorm dissipates in time for egg-hunting festivities, remember that you may experience allergies worse when it rains.

Keep Allergens Away

The day before the egg hunt, clean the room(s) where the event will take place to get rid of any lingering allergens. Sweep or vacuum the floors/carpets, dust every surface, make sure there is no mold hidden anywhere, remove all live plants, and keep all windows closed until after the egg hunt is over.

Ask About Food Allergies

If you are having guests over, make sure to inquire about any food allergies so you can plan accordingly. To be safe, don’t give away chocolate or candy that contains nuts and try to have both the option of milk chocolate as well as other type of candy for those who might be lactose intolerant.

Bring the Spring Indoors

Easter Girls with Bunny EarsJust because you are not spending time outdoors, does not mean you can’t enjoy the spring! Decorate your home with spring in mind; create fabric flowers to place around the house in colorful painted vases, make paper butterflies and hang them from the ceiling, and spruce up the place by creating your own DIY spring home fragrances.

Put Away All Breakables

Don’t forget! With kids running around the house it is always safe to put away all your easily breakable possessions for your sake and theirs.

We understand that living your life with allergies can be limiting, so consider treating the root of your allergies with the help of an experienced professional like Dr. Pasha. Schedule a consultation online today!