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Petting White MouseIn a few words: it’s a quick, minimally-invasive procedure that will help you get rid of your sinus problems. And the best part is: it can be done in your doctor’s office with no general anesthesia!

There have been several advances regarding sinus diseases and Balloon Sinuplasty is the latest Dr. Pasha technique.

Proven Results

Studies have proven that Balloon Sinupasty is effective in providing long-term relief for people with sinus symptoms. This procedure works because it opens up the otherwise blocked sinus passageways of patients and, by opening the passageways, it gets rid of the main cause of a patient’s sinus problems.

The Procedure

Balloon Sinuplasty is a short procedure that consists of using a microscopic camera-like device inserted through the patient’s nose to locate the openings of the sinuses. Once located, the surgeon inserts another very small device with a deflated balloon at the tip and guides it to the sinus opening, where the surgeon gradually inflates the balloon and then proceeds to remove it, leaving the sinus openings clear of any blockage.

Often this procedure is performed with an in-office balloon septoplasty or turbinate reduction depending on your condition.

Dr. Pasha’s in-office Balloon Sinuplasty only takes approximately 30 minutes. That is: in 30 minutes you can walk out of Dr. Pasha’s office free of sinus problems and with little to no discomfort, so you can go back to your regular activities in no time!

Now, you might be thinking that having devices inserted into your nose does not sound minimally invasive at all…or pleasant for that matter. However, before the procedure Dr. Pasha will numb your nose so you won’t feel a thing.

The Risks

As far as risks, this procedure has a very low complication rate. Some associated risks can be bleeding, infection, or tissue and mucosal trauma. Dr. Pasha will evaluate your particular case and let you know if you are prone developing these or other complications.

Make an appointment today to consult with Dr. Pasha and see if Balloon Sinuplasty is right for you!

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