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When you’re having an allergic reaction from pollen or feeling flushed after accidentally eating food you’re allergic to, the last thing you may think to grab is your phone. But maybe it should be the first! Many smartphone apps exist that actually help people with allergies find better treatments and avoid possible allergen exposure.

If you’re looking for the best allergy app, we’ve compiled a list of our six favorites here.

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Allergy Plus

If you suffer from allergies, receiving accurate, timely information can help you consistently manage your allergen exposure. Pollen’s Allergy Plus app provides you with five-day environmental allergy and weather forecasts, and you can track your symptoms with an allergy diary. This allergy-tracker app also helps you identify possible allergy triggers in your area.

It’s important to note that symptoms become more severe during days with moderate and high pollen levels. During these times, you might consider more aggressive avoidance measures, like wearing a mask when you go outside. That mask’s specifically beneficial in the mornings or on windy days, when pollen counts are at their highest.


You might be so focused on your allergy symptoms that you neglect to take your allergy treatment on time. The MedHelper app helps you keep track of all of the medications you take. It even alerts you when it’s time to administer your allergy treatment so your symptom prevention doesn’t lapse. 

Remember: If you use immunotherapy, allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy as part of your allergy management, it’s important to keep your therapy times consistent.

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Soosee: Allergy and Vegan Food Scanner

Just a hint of allergens in your food is sometimes enough to send you to the hospital. You can prevent any slips in your grocery-shopping list with the Soosee app

A great food allergy app, Soosee lets you scan barcodes and UPC numbers to pull up ingredient lists as well as allergen warnings. You simply enter your allergies, and the app automatically scans and highlights any ingredients you might want to avoid. It’s a smart food allergy detector app, especially when you don’t want to scrutinize labels.

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First Aid by American Red Cross

Severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, require immediate medical attention. Anaphylaxis occurs when allergic swelling is so bad that your throat closes. Fortunately, the American Red Cross offers several useful apps to help you out. 

You can use the First Aid app to get the treatment you need in case of an allergy emergency. Tell the app what you’re experiencing, and it directs you to a nearby hospital. It even lets you call the hospital from the app and can walk you through the step-by-step care process.

EMNet FindERNow

If you’re traveling with allergies, you might not be familiar with the closest emergency rooms. That’s important information in the case of a bad reaction, whether you have food or environmental allergies (or both). 

Luckily, EMNet FindERNow is a free app that shows you the closest ER and gives you directions so that you can find relief and emergency treatment ASAP.

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mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker

Finding patterns in your day-to-day life can be helpful when you suffer from allergies. That’s why an allergy-tracker app or symptom-tracking app can be a fantastic tool. 

Recording things like symptoms, allergy episodes, bowel movements and other significant events allows you to better understand your body. The mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker is a food allergy app that helps you identify patterns, triggers and routines for finding relief.

Find Lasting Relief at Pasha Sinus & Snoring Center

An allergy app can provide ways to manage your symptoms, find relief and even locate emergency treatment when necessary. 

While these allergy apps are smart tools for those suffering from allergies, management always begins with an allergy test to determine the proper treatment. 

Make an appointment with Dr. Pasha today, and treat your allergies at the source!


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