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Prevent Your Snoring From Putting a Damper on Thanksgiving

There’s nothing like winding down after Thanksgiving and slipping into something loose and cozy. You nestle in the sheets, rest your head on the pillow and drift off to sleep... until your or your sleeping partner’s snoring abruptly wakes you. Does this sound familiar? First, you should know that you’re not alone, and resources are available to you. Second, chronic…
November 15, 2022
SeasonalSinus & Allergy

How to Prepare for Fall Allergy Season in Houston

Still recovering from springtime allergies? This year, spring allergy season in Houston was more active than usual. Since the ice storm we had in February 2021 delayed the start of spring allergies, you might have expected a less severe season. However, the freezing temperatures actually acted like insulation for plants and trees. As a result, pollen was simply delayed. While…
July 31, 2021
SeasonalSnoring & Sleep Apnea

Trying to Stay Slim this Thanksgiving? Try the Pilgrim Diet!

With the holidays upon us, it's time once again to talk about the relationship between obesity and sleep apnea. Over-eating has become a part of our culture. From road trip fast food frenzies to barrels of popcorn at the movies to Christmas and Thanksgiving feasts, gorging ourselves is an essential component of some of our happiest memories. But overindulgence comes…
November 23, 2020
SeasonalSnoring & Sleep Apnea

Sugar and Sleep Apnea: A Match Made in Halloween

It's that time of year: the mercurial heat of Houston summer is slowly giving way to cooler temps while major chain stores are already putting out Christmas decorations. Ah, Halloween, the perfect time to talk about sleep apnea. It may sound like an odd match, but the holiday has more in common with the health condition than you might think.…
October 19, 2020
SeasonalSleep Medicine

Sleep Soundly in the Summer Heat and Humidity

The summertime brings with it those bright, sunny days where you can lie by the pool and soak up the sun. The springtime showers have brought their beautiful blooms to your front yard gardens. But as Houstonians, we know that the summer doesn’t only bring a lot of heat but a lot of humidity too. From Newstonians to “I Remember…
July 6, 2018