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woman sitting down sneezing
Sinus & Allergy

How to avoid Hotel Room Allergies

Guide on Avoiding Hotel Room Allergies When you’re on a vacation, a packed-to-the-brim schedule full of sightseeing, good food, and fun activities can mean that you’re ready to hit the hay the moment you unlock your hotel room door. You’ve just laid down under mountains of luxurious duvet covers and thick, Egyptian cotton sheets, your head cozy on a perfectly…
September 22, 2022
Sinus & Allergy

Cold vs. Allergies: How to Spot the Differences

Summer is a time to relax by the pool, organize barbecues with family and friends and make day trips to the beach. Ah… ah… ah-CHOO!  Sure, the weather feels great, but it’s also cold season. Or is it allergy season? Summer sniffling, sneezing and that itchy tickle in the back of your throat can throw a wrench in your plans…
July 26, 2022
Sinus & Allergy

Sublingual Allergy Drops: An Easier Way to Control Allergies

In the last blog post we talked about allergy shots and how they can help you manage your allergies by slowly introducing your body to small doses of the allergens that usually trigger your allergic reactions. We also talked about Home Immunotherapy, which makes immunotherapy even more accessible by allowing patients to administer their own allergy shots at home.
July 12, 2022
A doctor prepares an allergy shot
Sinus & Allergy

How Do Allergy Shots Work?

If you suffer from allergies and you are tired of having to take daily medication to get rid of the symptoms, then you might be interested in learning about immunotherapy, or more commonly known as allergy shots.
June 30, 2022
Sinus & AllergySnoring & Sleep Apnea

Are Nasal Polyps Disrupting Your Life?

Do allergies disrupt your life on a consistent basis? Or do nasal obstructions interfere with your ability to breathe normally during sleep? Maybe a loss or change of smell affected your ability to taste your favorite foods? You may suffer from chronic sinusitis, Anosmia, or sleep apnea. All of these conditions can range from mildly annoying to serious issues. However,…
January 19, 2022
SeasonalSinus & Allergy

How to Prepare for Fall Allergy Season in Houston

Still recovering from springtime allergies? This year, spring allergy season in Houston was more active than usual. Since the ice storm we had in February 2021 delayed the start of spring allergies, you might have expected a less severe season. However, the freezing temperatures actually acted like insulation for plants and trees. As a result, pollen was simply delayed. While…
July 31, 2021
woman smelling orange
COVID-19Sinus & Allergy

Loss of Smell – What Causes It and Why It’s a Big Deal

The human sense of smell is vastly underrated. Despite what we were taught in biology class, our nose can detect odors just as effectively as most other animals. We even outperform dogs at some scent-based tasks. Yet smell remains the universal answer to the eternal playground question 'which sense would you rather lose?' At the Pasha Snoring and Sinus Center,…
February 8, 2021