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We’ve all done it: falling asleep at a time and place where other people reasonably expect us to be awake. It happens, and we usually don’t get caught. But when our sleep is accompanied by deep, audible snoring things can take a turn for the embarrassing. Here’s a list of the 5 worst situations to be caught snoring:

At Work

Woman Asleep at DeskFalling asleep at work is risky to say the least; getting caught could mean getting fired. Try drinking a cup of coffee or tea when you start feeling sleepy to avoid falling asleep altogether.

In the Middle of a Lecture

Teenage Girl Asleep on Desk in SchoolSome teachers just have that deep, low voice that practically hypnotizes you into sleep. You can’t help it, we get it. But do you really want to be THAT person? If no coffee is available, try eating a snack to keep you entertained and awake.

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First Date at the Movies

Image - People Asleep at the MoviesIt’s understandable: you spent the whole night before that first date obsessing over what to wear, what to talk about, how to go in for the kiss … and now you are incredibly sleepy while you sit at the movies with that special someone on your first date. You assume that no one is going to notice if you take a quick power nap while something or other is happening on the screen. Next thing you know your special someone is tapping you on the shoulder because you’ve been adding your own sound effects to the movie. AWKWARD!

On T.V.

Morgan Freeman Falling Asleep on TV with Michael CaineOnly socially acceptable if you are Morgan Freeman.

In the Middle of a Phone Conversation

Man Asleep Next to SmartphoneStay awake or risk the wrath of the person with whom you are having a conversation.

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