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Dear Daddy,

I’m trying to be brave about the monster, for those fears I know I must conquer. And even though you check under my bed, still I lay here filled with dread. For at night he sounds so scary, my head in my pillow I must bury. And when I cannot take any more of this beast’s awful roar, I scamper down the hall to you, but that must be the monster’s cue. For now he is billowing louder and louder and my face goes white, like Mom’s powder.

I run back quickly on my feet and cover myself with my sheet. I hold my breath and listen carefully, hoping to stop shaking terribly. With my ears, I hear no stomp, but, from fear, my heart still whomps.

Please Daddy, help me! I need you now. I’m trying to be brave, but I don’t know how.

Your Little Girl

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