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One night I had the weirdest dream where nothing was as it seems. The world around me was alive! I swear I saw it with my own eyes. My clock, my pillow, and even my dog all had their own monologue. But when I woke, there was no talking. They lay still and I was gawking. I looked around in disbelief. It felt so real, to my relief.

But even still, my head is filled. Over and over I hear their will.

I think I will take their advice. I’ll see a doctor and won’t think twice. After all, my mind is tired and everyday I’m uninspired. I walk around just like a zombie, barely able to move my body. I really miss the good ole’ days of quietly snoozing the night away.

Perhaps I’ve finally reached my limit and I should visit that sleep clinic. I hear that doctor is very good. His name’s all over the neighborhood. Tomorrow I will ask my loving Natasha if she will finally call that Dr. Pasha.

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Thank you for following the Scary Snoring Tales! We’re happy to say our snorer got his treatment and is now sleeping, snore-free. If you can relate to our snorer, we urge you to schedule an appointment. Who knows who you could be keeping up at night?

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