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Dear Early Bird,

Your eyes are shut and you are dreaming, but here I sit, my eyes are wearied. I haven’t had a moment’s rest since that thunder first left your chest. Time is passing so meticulously, every second feels like eternity.

Tick, tock, roar. Tick, tock, snore. The night continues with more and more and before you know it, it’s almost 4! So close we are to your waking hour, and yet I feel I’m losing power. I dare not shut my eyes to sleep, for I know my end it will be. There beside me lies your phone, who always seems to hold its own. I know I’m old and a little dated, but when I’ve done my duty, I am elated.

And so I’ll wait longer still, until it’s time for my trill. And even though it leaves a bruise, I’ll stay wary while you snooze.

It grinds my gears to say this now, but you need help, and a doctor’s how.


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