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Dear Human,

Every night I hear this noise while I sleep. At first a growl, and then a screech. My ears perk up, one by one and, before I know it, the sound is done! I tuck my nose beneath my paw. There it goes again. I’m in awe! Louder now the sound does billow while your head lays flat on your pillow. I don’t know how to find the sound! I fear that I am no good hound.

And in the morning, the sun rises up and I sprout up like a brand new pup! I search and scour our giant home, but soon I find we are alone. I wish to catch this chirping bird. Surely you hear it, the sound’s absurd! I love you human and I am loyal, but to catch this predator is my plan foiled.

I’ll sniff and scratch til I do catch! No bone will I chew, in no shoe will I poo, until I find for you this sound that turns me blue.

Please, human, still love me, though the best dog I may not be.

Your Loyal Companion,


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