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Dear Titan,

Prepared I am for this long night that’s sure to be filled with screams and fright. I open my mouth, nice and wide, take a deep breath and out I slide.

But much to my surprise, the child’s awake, eyes open wide. All of a sudden, my stomach is knotted, and I fear I have been spotted. And then I hear it, that awful sound. From every angle, it’s all around!

This sound I hear is not monster now human, but rather something like a fusion. With each roar, my senses are heightened. I cannot help but be frightened.

I’m supposed to make humans scream and squall! I’m the monster, after all. But this sound I hear is neither breed, so his warning I must heed.

When I get home, I’ll surely be let go. For what good is a monster without gusto?

Your Closet’s Former Tenant

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