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Please see below resources as it relates to Snoring Solutions for sleep conditions.

Epworth Sleep Test

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is a common screening tool to evaluate for sleep-related disorders.

Read More about Epworth Sleep Test

Dental Appliances

For select patients with mild sleep apnea or positional snoring, a dental or oral appliance may be considered.

Read More about Dental Appliances

Palatal Reconstruction (Pasha Modification)

Reconstructing the back of throat in order to treat sleep apnea.

Read More about Pasha Modification

Nasal Valve Reconstruction

Repairing weak or collapsed cartilage with sutures.

Read More about Nasal Valve Reconstruction

Radiofrequency Ablative Therapy of the Turbinate

Decreases the size of turbinates while alleviating congestion and improving overall nose function.

Read More about RF Therapy of the Turbinate

Post-Op Nasal Care

Here’s what you need to know for a successful recovery after nasal surgery.

Read More about Post-Op Nasal Care

Post-Splint Removal Care

Here’s how to care for your nose after splint removal.

Read More about Post-Splint Removal Care

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