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Dr. Pasha has a special interest in revision and complex cases. Having performed over 2,500 nasal procedures, he is experienced in the higher skill set required for advanced procedures. For these cases, Dr. Pasha may request that a special imaging study (CT scan) be performed in order that it may be used in the operating room for stereotactic guidance.

Stereotactic guidance is a technique in which the imaging may used to confirm positioning in the sinuses while operating. This technique allows access to challenging sinuses that may be missed with endoscopic visualization alone.

Clear Sinuses to Breathe Freely and Stay Healthy

Mouth breathing is more than just an unpleasant side effect of nasal congestion caused by allergies, it can also increase the risks of developing infections in the mouth, throat, and lungs. Your nose is your body’s air filtration system, removing contaminants from the air you breathe in while warming and humidifying the air.

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doctor and patient checking x-ray on computer

Nasal Valve Reconstruction

The nasal valve is the entrance of the nose just past the nostrils. The valve is made up of several components including cartilage inside the nose. For some, the cartilage of the nose becomes weak causing collapse with deep inspiration.

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