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Although for most patients traditional endoscopic sinus techniques suffice to treat recurrent sinus disease, Dr. Pasha may occasionally suggest advanced surgical techniques. Many of these methods are used when there is considerable scar tissue, bony closure, severe inflammation or polyps, recurrent disease, or tumors.

Many of the procedures can still be performed without any visible incisions using endoscopes through the nose. Since many of these cases have bony involvement or severe scar tissue, a micro-drill may be used.

To assess the frontal sinus (forehead), the term “Lothrop” or “Draf” procedure may be used. These terms describes various techniques to widen the passage from the frontal sinus to the nose to allow for drainage.

Typically the recover for these procedures are the same as traditional endoscopic sinus procedures. Since these procedures are more technical, operating time may be longer.


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