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The next step is to identify the source of your airway collapse or the cause of your snoring. To complete this, we may place a small scope in your nose and throat and measure the areas of obstruction. We may have you snore to identify where the vibrations are coming from. This information is essential in determining all of your treatment options.

For more complex cases such as severe sleep apnea or those who require revision work from failed previous surgery, Dr. Pasha may recommend sedation sleep endoscopy.

Sedation sleep endoscopy is performing endoscopy of the upper airway through the nose while under a drug-induced sleep. In this procedure you are brought to the operating room, given sedation, observed while you sleep, and then finally scoped to identify the levels of airway collapse. This procedure is painless and for diagnostic purposes only. You may return to work or school right away, as there is no recovery period.


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