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Dr. Pasha has a special interest in revision and complex cases. Having performed over 2,500 nasal procedures, he is experienced in the higher skill set required for advanced procedures. For these cases, Dr. Pasha may request that a special imaging study (CT scan) be performed in order that it may be used in the operating room for stereotactic guidance.

Stereotactic guidance is a technique in which the imaging may used to confirm positioning in the sinuses while operating. This technique allows access to challenging sinuses that may be missed with endoscopic visualization alone.


What is the Link Between Allergies & Sleep-related Issues?

Allergies and Sleep Issues: How Do They Relate?

Today is National Doctor’s Day! Promoted by Physicians Working Together (PWT), a grassroots group that addresses issues pertinent to healthcare, National Doctor’s Day is part of National Physician Week. The goal of this week is to preserve a quality medical system that is based on the patient-physician relationship, something we take pride in at the Pasha Sinus & Snoring Center. As part of our promise to educate our patients, we’re uncovering the link between allergies and sleep issues because, often, they’re not as unrelated as they may seem.

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Summer Is Over- How to Get the Kids to Sleep

As summer draws to a close, in a few short days backpacks will be filled, lunches will be packed, and thousands of young students throughout Houston Independent School District will head back to class. Back to school means the little ones need to rise bright and early to make sure they are at their desks for the homeroom bell.

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