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Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) or Allergy Drops, is a form of immunotherapy which does not require injections. Instead, allergen drops are placed under the tongue for a few minutes to be absorbed. Similar to allergy shots, The Pasha Allergy Clinic will create custom drops that are specific to your allergy triggers. Our program allows for you to administer the drops at home on a daily basis. SLIT begins with an escalation phase that increases the number of drops and concentration until a maintenance level is reached.

One of the advantages of SLIT is that it is extremely safe. Furthermore, it does not require injections or needles, which is perfect for children as well as adults who are “needle-phobic.”

SLIT is popular in Europe but has not been FDA approved in the U.S. Nonetheless, studies have demonstrated that SLIT is effective and safe. SLIT is also an alternative to those who take beta-blockers (a common high-blood pressure drug).


No. Despite several published studies demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of SLIT, it does not have FDA approval and therefore considered “experimental.”

Depends on how severe your symptoms may be. Some patients only require months on SLIT others may require several years of allergy drops.

Absolutely. SLIT is popular for children because there are no needles or injections. Dr. Pasha limits SLIT to ages >5 years old.


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