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Dr. Pasha utilizes many different surgical techniques that are designed for snorers and sleep apneic patients to open their upper airway. Dr. Pasha states, “No two patients are the same.” There are many different goals for sleep apnea surgery. For some, your goal may be to cure or significantly reduce your sleep apnea so that you will no longer require a CPAP machine. For others, we may be improving your sleep apnea to make it less dangerous for you. For others you may be improving your airway so you can become more efficient so you can more effectively lose weight with the eventual goal of curing your sleep apnea.

After you have completed a comprehensive evaluation of your upper airway and Dr. Pasha has identified the levels of obstruction or source of snoring, you may be offered specific surgical options.

If your nose is a contributing factor to your snoring or sleep apnea at night, you may be offered the following surgical options:

  • Septoplasty
  • Turbinate Reduction
  • Nasal Valve Reconstruction

If the back of the throat is what causes most of your obstruction and is also the source of vibration when you snore, you may offered the following surgical solutions:

  • Palatal (Oropharyngeal) Reconstruction – Pasha Modification
  • Transpalatal Advancement Pharyngoplasty

If the back of the tongue is a significant cause of obstruction at night, you may also be a candidate for the following surgical procedures:

  • Lingual Tonsillectomy
  • Midline Glossectomy
  • Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS, Da Vinci Robotic Surgery)
  • Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation

If the deeper part of your throat (hypopharynx) is causing obstruction that blocks your airway, you may be offered these surgical options:

  • Hyoid and Tongue Advancement/Stabilization Procedures
  • Genioglossal Advancement
  • Finally, for those who have life-threatening sleep apnea or complex anatomy that is difficult to approach surgically, you may be offered these procedures:
  • Maxillarymandibular Advancement (MMA) Surgery
  • Tracheotomy

Please note…

Dr. Pasha understands that sleep apnea surgery has been given a bad name. Techniques vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon, and patient selection may be the primary cause of failures in the past. Dr. Pasha has focused on the surgical management of sleep disorders. Having performed over 1,600 sleep apnea procedures, he has also taken interest in revision surgery for failed prior procedures. Experience with various techniques as well as a global understanding of snoring and sleep apnea is what will increase your success.


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