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For those who have long-standing nasal complaints, recurrent or severe sinus infections, nasal polyps, or difficulty breathing through the nose, surgical management may be your long-term solution. Surgical options are considered when medicines are not effective or if there are structural problems within your nose that are preventing proper clearance of sinus drainage or blocking the nasal passage.


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Do You Have Allergies or Just Allergy-Like Symptoms?

If you regularly suffer from constant sneezing as well as a runny and stuffy nose, it is likely that you have attributed these symptoms to allergies. However, these symptoms can also be caused by a condition called nonallergic rhinitis.

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How Tori Terminated Her Turbinate Problems

When Tori Turbinates came to see Dr. Pasha, her allergy symptoms were making her life miserable. She suffered from nasal discomfort, fatigue, and had difficulty breathing freely.

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