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Dr. Pasha may consider tracheotomy for severe, life-threatening sleep apnea. In this procedure, a small hole is made in the windpipe and a tube is inserted into the opening. This tube stays closed during waking hours, and the person breathes and speaks normally. It is opened for sleep so that air flows directly into the lungs, bypassing any upper airway obstruction. Although this procedure is highly effective, it is a measure that is reserved for life-threatening conditions.


Man Holding Head with Hands

Your Allergies and Migraines May Be Connected

Many factors including age, genetics, and gender affect your risk of experiencing migraines. A migraine is a long-lasting headache often accompanied by throbbing pain, nausea, and light and sound sensitivity.

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Woman Blowing Nose

Do You Have Allergies or Just Allergy-Like Symptoms?

If you regularly suffer from constant sneezing as well as a runny and stuffy nose, it is likely that you have attributed these symptoms to allergies. However, these symptoms can also be caused by a condition called nonallergic rhinitis.

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