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Drainage Dave was desperate with his allergy symptoms when he first booked an appointment with Dr. Pasha. For the last couple of years, he had been suffering from sinus pressure, nasal obstruction, and post-nasal drip. As a consequence, he had a hard time breathing through his nose. Dr. Pasha listened carefully to Drainage Dave’s description of the symptoms and decided to use a nasal endoscope to find the source of the problem. A nasal endoscopy is an in-office procedure that uses a microscopic camera to explore the nasal and sinus cavities. To ensure Drainage Dave was comfortable, his nose was completely numbed prior to the procedure.

After the procedure, Dr. Pasha sat down with Drainage Dave to go through the results together. The first thing Dr. Pasha asked Drainage Dave was if he had ever broken his nose. Drainage Dave was a little surprised by this question, as he had never thought that could have anything to do with his allergies. He told Dr. Pasha that he had, indeed, broken his nose a few years back, and his problems had started around the same time.

drawing of dr. pasha shaking hands with a patient

Dr. Pasha explained to Drainage Dave that his nasal septum was deviated. The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage, and it separates the right and left sides of the nasal cavity. Usually, the nasal septum aligns in the center of the nose. However, as a result of a trauma, it may deviate so that it’s no longer in the middle of the nose. If the nasal septum is remarkably deviated, it can block one of the sinuses, causing recurrent sinus problems.

Dr. Pasha explained to Drainage Dave a Deviated Nasal Septum may be corrected with a Septoplasty. A Septoplasty is performed while the patient is asleep and it doesn’t leave any scars on the outside of the nose. For Drainage Dave, the operation took about half an hour. Since Drainage Dave didn’t have any other medical conditions, he was able to go home the same day.

A week after the operation, Drainage Dave came to see Dr. Pasha again to get the plastic splints removed. Once Dr. Pasha removed the splits, Drainage Dave was able to breathe through his nose again. Even though Drainage Dave was already feeling a lot better, Dr. Pasha told him to avoid any strenuous activities for another week.

Drainage Dave’s case shows that sinus and allergy issues may be caused by a variety of different reasons. In order to find the right course of treatment, it is necessary to visit a certified ENT. If you are tired of dealing with your symptoms, make an appointment today!

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