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When identical twins, Allergic Annie and Allie, first came to visit Dr. Pasha, their allergies were causing them to be extremely cranky and their mother couldn’t take it any longer. The twins described their most common symptoms as itchy & watery eyes, sneezing and nasal blockage. Dr. Pasha knew that even though the girls were exhibiting the same symptoms, their triggers could be totally different. He decided to start with an allergy test to determine what was behind these nasty allergies. Allergy testing is the first step in allergy management for all of Dr. Pasha’s allergy-ridden patients, and only takes a few minutes. He opted for a prick test, which introduces a series of allergens by gently scratching the forearm. If the twins were allergic to a specific allergen, redness would quickly appear. Although Allergic Annie & Allie had the exact same symptoms, Dr. Pasha quickly learned that what was causing the twins’ allergies wasn’t so similar.

Once the allergy testing was complete, Dr. Pasha, Allergic Annie & Allie, and their mother reviewed the results together. He explained that even though the identical twins had the same symptoms, they had completely different allergy triggers! He determined the best course of treatment for Allergic Annie & Allie would be Sublingual Immunotherapy, or allergy drops. He chose this treatment option because the drops are customizable, painless, and can be done at home- so that means no weekly doctor visits for the twins.

“How do they work?”, Allergic Annie & Allie asked, “If our allergies are different, why are we both taking allergy drops?”. Dr. Pasha explained that Sublingual Immunotherapy allows him to create customized allergy drops for each twin, and will include different allergy triggers that cause Annie’s & Allie’s allergies. Sublingual Immunotherapy is the ideal allergy treatment, since there are no needles or injections involved. Slowly, the number of drops, and the concentration of the allergy trigger will be increased. Eventually, the allergy drops will reach a maintenance level, and the twins will be able to interact with their particular allergy triggers, without having an allergic reaction.

Allergic Annie & Allie have been on their allergy treatment for a few months and are already noticing a difference. Dr. Pasha is hoping they’ll soon be 100% allergy-free! Dr. Pasha has created Sublingual Immunotherapy treatments for many of his allergy patients, who are now also allergy-free. If symptoms persist, there are other allergy treatment options for Dr. Pasha to consider to ensure each patient finds a long-term solution. If you’re ready to breathe freely, get relief from your allergies with Dr. Pasha!

Are Allergic Annie & Allie not convincing enough for you? Hear it from real patients of Dr. Pasha!