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drawing of dr. pasha shaking hands with a patient

When Congested Carl first came to visit Dr. Pasha, his allergies were making him miserable. He described his most common symptoms as sinus drainage, constant facial pressure, and a scratchy throat as a result of the post nasal drip. Upon hearing these symptoms, Dr. Pasha determined that the real issue may reside in Carl’s sinus cavities, so he decided to perform an in office nasal endoscopy. This painless and quick procedure allowed Dr. Pasha to view the inside of Congested Carl’s nose and sinus cavities using a small microscope. For a more serious treatment approach, it was necessary for Dr. Pasha to have a clear understanding of the patient’s underlying issue before he could determine the best course of treatment.

Once the nasal endoscopy was complete, Dr. Pasha and Congested Carl reviewed the results together. Dr. Pasha explained that what was actually causing Carl’s congestion wasn’t simply allergies, but rather blocked sinus passages. Luckily, Dr. Pasha is a pioneer in a treatment that is 96% successful with patients much like Congested Carl. It is known as Balloon Sinuplasty. This FDA approved treatment can be performed in the office and is done entirely microscopically.

“How does it work?”, Congested Carl asked. Well, it’s simple really. First, your nose and sinuses will be thoroughly numbed with an anesthetic spray and topical agent. After about 20-30 minutes, you will be taken to the procedure room and Dr. Pasha will begin by using the guidance of microscopic endoscopes to navigate his way to the blockage. Once identified, small balloons are gradually inflated to slowly open up the blocked sinuses. Once the opening has been cleared, the balloons and endoscopes are removed. In Carl’s case, his sinus issues weren’t too severe, so Dr. Pasha was able to perform the entire operation in around one hour.

Congested Carl was able to return to his normal activity that day. For proper recovery, he was asked to keep his nose moist using salt-water nasal spray and a corticosteroid spray to help reduce the inflammation. It took some time for Carl to feel the ramifications of the procedure, but soon enough he was breathing freely again!

Dr. Pasha has performed well over 2,500 Balloon Sinuplasty procedures and 96% of those patients are satisfied after just this treatment. If problems persist, there are other procedures that work with the Balloon Sinuplasty to completely clear the sinuses and Dr. Pasha will work to ensure all of his patients are satisfied. If you’re ready to breathe freely again, visit ENT specialist, Dr. Pasha!

Is Congested Carl not convincing enough for you? Hear it from a real patient of Dr. Pasha!