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Pressure Peter has suffered from recurring sinus infections for as long as he can remember! He got tired of repeatedly having to take medications, so he finally made an appointment with Dr. Pasha. Even though Peter procrastinated his appointment, Dr. Pasha felt confident he would be able to help Peter be pressure-free again, so they sat down together and discussed his symptoms.

Pressure Peter explained that he suffered from facial pain, sinus pressure and horrible headaches. He has tried antibiotics, nasal sprays, and decongestants, yet the sinus infections always returned! This triggered something for Dr. Pasha. He explained to Peter that after years of suffering from allergies, which resulted in sinus infections, the sinus cavities can become obstructed. This obstruction leads to recurrent sinus infections, and in order to determine the exact level of the nasal obstruction, he would first have to perform a nasal endoscopy. Peter, dying to finally find a cause for his sinus infections, told Dr. Pasha, “Go for it!”

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This painless and quick procedure allowed him to view inside Peter’s nose using a small microscope. To determine the level of obstruction and which procedure would be appropriate for Peter, it was necessary for Dr. Pasha to have a clear understanding of his underlying issues.

Once the nasal endoscopy was complete, Dr. Pasha and Pressure Peter reviewed the results together. The images captured from the nasal endoscopy confirmed his suspicions that Pressure Peter’s sinuses were obstructed and he explained that Peter was a candidate for Endoscopic Nasal Surgery.

Endoscopic Nasal Surgery is performed using general anesthesia and typically takes 45 minutes to a few hours to complete. Dr. Pasha will use the guidance of microscopic endoscopes to access the sinuses. The endoscopic technique allows the enlargement, or unblocking, of the natural opening to the sinuses without creating unnatural holes in the sinus. Infected debris is also washed out of the sinuses to ensure the underlying obstruction issue is resolved. In more severe cases, this procedure can also remove polyps, scar tissue, and the infected lining of the sinuses.

Dr. Pasha performed the Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on Pressure Peter, and he was able to go home that day. The only discomfort he experienced was post-operative drainage for a few days. The following week, Peter returned to Dr. Pasha so he could take a second look at his sinuses and clean out any remaining debris. Peter was now was pressure-free!

Depending on your circumstances, Dr. Pasha may also recommend a septoplasty or partial turbinate reduction in order to allow you to breathe freely as well as making it easier to access the sinuses. Whether your case is easily resolved like Peter’s, or perhaps more complicated, Dr. Pasha will work to ensure all of his patients are satisfied. Ready to breathe freely again? visit ENT specialist, Dr. Pasha, today!

Is Pressure Peter not convincing enough for you? Hear it from a real patient of Dr. Pasha!