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When Sinus Headache Harry made an appointment with Dr. Pasha, he thought there was no solution to his symptoms. He had been suffering from recurrent sinus infections for as long as he could remember. “I have facial pain, post-nasal drip, and I am congested all the time,” he told Dr. Pasha. In the past, Sinus Headache Harry had been treated with everything from over-the-counter medication and nasal sprays to antibiotics and antihistamines, but none of the treatments had resolved the recurrent problem.

Sinus infections happen when mucus accumulates inside the sinus cavities. Dr. Pasha explained to Sinus Headache Harry that despite being commonly called a “sinus infection”, sinusitis is not always caused by an infection, especially when the problem is recurrent or persistent. That is why sinusitis doesn’t always respond to antibiotics. “In order to find the right course of treatment for you, we will need to determine the underlying cause of the recurrent problem,” Dr. Pasha added.

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At first, Dr. Pasha conducted allergy tests. He also looked inside Sinus Headache Harry’s nose with a microscopic endoscope to examine the opening of the sinuses. Since Sinus Headache Harry’s situation was severe, Dr. Pasha also decided to request a CT scan (a fancy X-ray) to be able to take a closer look at the sinuses. The results indicated that Sinus Headache Harry was not only suffering from allergies but also had structural problems in his nose.

For recurrent or persistent sinusitis caused by structural problems in the nose, sinus surgery may be the best way to provide long-term relief. Dr. Pasha specializes in many surgical and in-office techniques to treat sinus infections from complex revision cases to quick in-office balloon sinuplasty which he helped pioneer. For Sinus Headache Harry, Dr. Pasha fixed his recurrent sinus disease in the operating room using Stereotactic Guidance System. This technique uses the CT scan imaging to be able to access challenging sinuses while unblocking the sinus opening, removing diseased sinus lining, and draining the infection from the sinuses.

Since Sinus Headache Harry was complex, Dr. Pasha also addressed his allergies in addition to his nasal obstruction. Dr. Pasha and Sinus Headache Harry decided to start Immunotherapy to address Harry’s allergies, and to provide a long-term comprehensive solution for his sinus infections.

Following his procedure and allergy treatment, Harry is now fully enjoying his life without recurrent sinus infections, something that he had never thought could be possible. If you are suffering from persistent or recurrent sinusitis, it is necessary to visit a certified ENT in order to find the right course of treatment. Visit ENT specialist, Dr. Pasha today!

Despite similar symptoms, every patient’s situation is unique. See how Dr. Pasha treated one of his real patient’s recurring sinus infections: