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When Itchy-Eyes Izzy came to see Dr. Pasha, her allergies were making her cry, literally. She couldn’t control the tears that streamed down her face, and she had had enough. She explained to Dr. Pasha that in addition to her itchy, watery eyes, she was also suffering from constant sneezing and a runny nose, but she was only affected during certain times of the year. After hearing the three most common allergy symptoms, Dr. Pasha suspected that Itchy-Eyes Izzy was suffering from allergies, but he needed to know the underlying cause before he could provide the proper treatment.

He started with an allergy test, which is always the first step in allergy management and only takes a few minutes. He opted for a prick test, which introduces a series of allergens by gently scratching her forearm. When the allergen triggered a response, the area would quickly turn red to indicate Izzy’s allergy.

ginger woman shaking hands with doctor

Once the allergy testing was complete, Dr. Pasha reviewed the results with Izzy. He explained that she was allergic to certain types of grass, ragweed and trees, which are all common seasonal allergy triggers. This explains why Izzy was only affected by her allergies during certain times of the year.

“Ah that’s a relief,” Izzy said, “so how do you treat seasonal allergies?” Dr. Pasha explained that the best course of treatment would be Immunotherapy. There are two types: traditional allergy shots and allergy drops. Both therapies are specific to your allergies and may be done at home- meaning Izzy only has to return to the office once every three months. Both options are scientifically proven methods to control allergies long-term or potentially cure them. Immunotherapy (allergy shots or drops) is ideal for those who cannot avoid their allergic triggers, like Izzy. Dr. Pasha created a customized allergy serum for Izzy including all of her allergy triggers. Slowly, the concentration of the allergen in the serum will be increased. Eventually, Izzy will be able to interact with her allergy triggers, without having an allergic reaction.

Izzy chose home allergy shots and after only a few months is already noticing a change. Dr. Pasha is hoping she’ll soon be completely allergy-free, like countless other patients. There are other allergy treatment options for Dr. Pasha to consider if symptoms persist so he can ensure each patient finds a long-term solution. Are you ready to be allergy-free? Visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist, with Dr. Pasha today!

Is Itchy-Eyes Izzy not convincing enough for you? Hear it from real patients of Dr. Pasha!