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When Polly Polyps came in for her appointment with Dr. Pasha, she wasn’t optimistic. She had seen other ENTs in the past and had even had previous sinus surgeries, but for some reason, her sinus issues just kept coming back and she just couldn’t stand it. Dr. Pasha was confident he would be able to help Polly Polyps breathe freely again, so they sat down together and discussed her issues.

She explained to him she suffered from constant nasal congestion, sneezing, and even a loss of smell. She had seen other doctors for this issue, tried over the counter medications, home remedies, and even a major sinus surgery, but after no more than a few months, her symptoms would return. This immediately triggered something for Dr. Pasha. He explained to her that she could have something called nasal polyps growing in her nose and, though benign, their growths can cause serious sinus issues.

“Wouldn’t I feel if something was growing in my nose?” Polly asked. Dr. Pasha said that nasal polyps could range in size and were generally very painless; some people have them and don’t exhibit any symptoms at all. It isn’t until they swell that they begin causing problems, but even then patients often don’t feel the polyps themselves, just the symptoms.

After verifying his suspicions, Dr. Pasha decided the best course of treatment for Polly Polyps was to use a corticosteroid sinus implant. Dr. Pasha is a pioneer in this form of treatment, which is why Polly’s other doctors hadn’t tried it. “What exactly is it and how does it work?” Polly asked. The propel implant is placed within the ethmoid sinuses (the sinus cavity on top of the nose) and expands to keep the turbinates from blocking the sinuses. Over time, the implant releases the steroid medication to help reduce inflammation of the polyps. At the same time, the implant is slowly dissolving because it is bioabsorbable, so it doesn’t need to be removed by a doctor.

Dr. Pasha successfully placed the implant in Polly’s nose and she was able to return to her normal activities rapidly. Within a few short days, Polly was already noticing a difference. Dr. Pasha also explained that she would need to understand the cause of her polyps and not just have them removed to just recur and recur. Polly was then allergy tested and was placed on a home allergy program as well as specialized nasal irrigations to prevent the polyps from coming back.

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