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How to Sleep with a Snorer on Vacation

Your head hits the pillow and you feel yourself falling into the sleep you so long for after a full day of sightseeing. Just as you’re about to succumb to your sweet dreams, IT begins. The noise. Terrifying to some, irritating to you, revealing to a certified ENT doctor. Snoring. How do you survive a vacation with a snoring partner? Ideally, you want to find the underlying cause of the snoring (of which there could be one, or several in tandem), but that’s not what you’re really here to learn about, is it? You want to know what to do about it in the moment. Let’s go over the options.

So, how to sleep in a room with someone who snores?

Invest in Some Earplugs

You can buy anything from the cheap and simple foam style, to a high quality, custom molded set specifically designed for your unique ears. If the problem is temporary, like a cold or sinus infection, it’s advisable to go with a cheaper pair. If you have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel, a custom set may be worth the investment in the long run.

Bring Along A White Noise Machine

Many people swear by white noise machines even if they don’t have a snorer in the room. White noise has a calming effect and aids in falling asleep, and even better, it can also help drown out your partner’s unfavorable sleeping noises.

Don’t forget your partner can also travel with a CPAP machine, it can also be an option so both of you can rest at night.

Pack the Noise-Canceling Headphones (If You Sleep on Your Back)

While extremely effective in drowning out the noise, this option will likely be the least comfortable to sleep in. These headphones tend to be rather large and bulky, so if you’re anything but a back sleeper, this option won’t lead to a good night’s rest for you.

Roll Your Partner Over

Occasionally, back sleeping is the culprit behind the nightly orchestra. Simply rolling your partner over may be enough to silence the performance. If you’re truly desperate, you can even attach a tennis ball to the back of a t-shirt to help discourage the offending sleeping position.

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Stick on Some Nasal Strips

While nasal strips may not be a guaranteed fix for all snorers, it can work well for some. Given that it’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum of solutions, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Back Away From the Alcohol

Stop alcohol consumption four hours before bedtime. Alcohol has a relaxing effect on the muscles in the throat and can narrow airways—causing the dreaded snoring. While drinks can be tempting, especially on a tropical vacation, following this simple tip may be enough to curb the problem.There you have it—some immediate, albeit temporary, solutions for your snoring partner.

Ultimately, you’ll want your partner to see a doctor since snoring tends to stem from an underlying health issue. It can be a result of anything from weight gain to smoking, lack of exercise to untreated allergies, or even sleep apnea. If you’re reading this from the comfort of a tropical beach somewhere, we invite you to try out these quick tips and tricks. If you’re planning next season’s vacation, guarantee yourself a peaceful vacation by visiting a trained medical professional.

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