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While it is always recommended to visit a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment of ENT problems, we understand that there are times when time or money constraints might not permit us to do so right when we start feeling the symptoms. For those times, there are certain natural remedies that might provide temporary relief of symptoms. One of these natural remedies is lavender essential oil, which can be used to treat the following ENT problems:


Earaches can range from a mild, dull pain to sharp burning inside the ear. Lavender oil can be used to ease the pain by warming a bottle of the oil in hot water for a couple of minutes, then massaging a few drops into the skin of the outer ear.


Lavender oil is a well known remedy for headaches and can be used in different ways:

  • Inhalation: It’s as simple as opening the lavender oil bottle and putting it under your nose. Try to limit the time you spend inhaling the lavender essence, since a prolonged exposure might make you accustomed to the scent and therefore less likely to benefit from its healing in the future.
  • Skin application: Apply oil directly to the temples, neck and shoulders.
  • Bath: Pour a tablespoon of lavender essential oil under the running hot water and relax.

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Sinus Congestion

Lavender OilLavender oil is a great remedy to relieve sinus congestion. Add two drops of lavender oil into a bowl of near-steaming water and inhale slowly and deeply with a towel over your head and bowl.

In addition, lavender oil can help induce sleep and relaxation.