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Thumbnail of Dr. Pasha talking about COVID-19 during Great Day Houston interview

Video: Dr. Pasha on Great Day Houston: COVID-19

ENT Doctor explaining COVID-19
May 6, 2020
Watch Dr. Pasha on Great Day Houston (May 2020) with Debra Duncan explaining the ways COVID-19 can affect the body and how to tell the difference between allergies and a common cold.

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COVID-19 pandemic came to change the world, our life, and habits. In this video, Dr. Pasha and Debra Duncan (Great Day Houston) discuss how people have stayed safe, the way COVID-19 affects your body, and it can also be mistaken for a cold or allergies.

They also talk about the high-risk people, such as the elderly and health care workers, the rest of the population, and the difference between them when they get infected.