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Silk Flower ArrangementMother’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about ways to show your appreciation for the moms in your life with a gift that is both thoughtful and safe.

If you see your mom as a superhero, think of allergies as her kryptonite. But, fear not! Here’s a list of gift ideas that are all kryptonite-free:

Allergic to pollen? You can still give her flowers!

Silk flower arrangements are a great substitute for real flowers if mom is allergic to pollen. With silk flowers you also won’t have to worry about them withering so she can keep them forever!

Silk flowerscan most likely be found at your local crafts store where you will be able to mix and match her favorite flowers to make a beautiful and unique arrangement just for her!

Ditch the traditional chocolate boxes

Image - CupcakesRemember what Mama said about a box of chocolates? You never know what you’re going to get. Chocolate boxes often have an array of different chocolate flavors and combinations. This can be a problem if mom is allergic to nuts or other foods. Instead of the traditional chocolate box, gift mom with a fruit arrangement or get creative and bake some cupcakes that you can decorate with her favorite colors.

Give the gift of relaxation

Woman and Man MassageMake mom feel special by treating her to a day that is all about her! Spa treatments, manicures and pedicures, or simply a day to relax with a good book or movie while others take care of chores she normally does. These are just some ideas of ways you can give mom the gift of relaxation. Remember to be mindful of mom’s allergies when choosing an activity, if her allergies tend to flare while spending time outdoors, it might be better plan activities where she can stay indoors.

Treat her to some fun

Couple at FairFor those adventurous moms out there, relaxing might not be their idea of a great time. Instead, treat mom to a day of fun! Plan to go to an amusement park, take her camping, plan a date-night, or a night of fun at a bar or club.

Give the gift of not having to worry about allergies

Family of 3 in FieldIf asked if they’d like to get rid of their allergies, most people would say yes. Mom is no different. The good news is that you can help her get an allergy treatment that works for her, to control her allergy symptoms and treat the root of her allergy problems. Give mom the gift of a consultation with an allergy doctor so that she can get a proper diagnosis and start on the path to getting rid of her allergies with an individualized treatment.

For exceptional allergy treatment and care in the Houston area, make an appointment with Dr. Pasha today! Learn more about our allergy treatments here.