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You’ve got your witch hat on and a magic cauldron full of dry ice to cast a fun and spooky spell on your visitors. But you’re starting to have doubts about being just another house on their loop handing out candy.

With the over-abundance of candy this time of year, it’s safe to say that choosing a candy alternative won’t leave any child lacking.

Instead, this Halloween, consider passing out nonfood items to your trick-or-treaters. Not only are nonfood items inclusive to all children, but you can give them something a little more memorable than just another piece of candy loot.

1. Halloween-Themed Rings & Slap Bracelets

The little trick-or-treaters stopping by will love digging through their loot with spider-adorned fingers. Furthermore, when they come off, they don’t become useless. The new owners can add them to their spooky garland or house plants to keep the celebration vibing.

And there’s something about those slap bracelets that have spanned generations. They keep kids’ hands busy and make for a fun activity among friends. No matter how many times we slap, they still snap into place. Plus, they come in so many fun colors and designs — you can mix and match to fit perfectly with each costume, no matter how scary!

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2. Vampire Teeth to Give Your Goblins a Bit More Ghoul

While vampire teeth go in the mouth, they’re not coating teeth with sugar bugs or adding to the candy highs.

Plus, vampire teeth are classic. They’re fun to play with and cheap enough to dispose of after the holiday wraps up. But you could also be adding a staple to a child’s costume closet.

Just imagine all those little creepy crawlers who knock on your door this Halloween. It’s safe to bet that a good chunk of them will get use for weeks, or even years!

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3. Novelty Glasses Are a Year-Round Hit

Throwing on shades to complete a costume is iconic. Whether you choose shutter shades, ones with holograms of skeletons, or even the ones with a hanging mustache, you can’t go wrong with novelty glasses.

Once again, these are staples that may very well end up in trick-or-treaters’ costume closets for future fun, too. Because is there ever a wrong time to throw on a pair of fun glasses? We don’t think so either!

4. Glow Sticks to Make Costumes Pop & Children More Visible

As cheap as they are, it’s amazing how excited people get over glow sticks. They’re even better if they come with the connectors. Your tricksters could turn them into necklaces, bracelets, glowing tiaras, or just wave them around to watch the magic of glowing colors in the dark.

Moreover, glow sticks also make those holding them more visible at night. As the sun sets on Halloween evening and your little collectors are traversing through the night, they won’t be left in the dark.

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5. Temporary Tattoos to Keep the Spirit of Halloween Howling for a Few More Days

Temporary tattoos have come a long way just in the past few years. While you can still get the cutesy childish ones at a bargain, the options are now endless.

Looking for something with a little more glam? There are a ton of trendy shimmery temporary tattoos that have a known presence on social media. From arm cuffs to arrows and hearts, they vary widely.

Moreover, customizable temporary tattoos are also a great option. So have fun with it and bring those tattoo ideas to life, but safely and temporarily.

6. Whistles, Kazoos, & Other Noisemakers

There’s one thing about Halloween that is unlikely to ever change — it gets loud!

So why not embrace it and add to the chaos?

Noisemakers, like whistles and kazoos, are inexpensive, fun, and fit right into the theme of Halloween. Furthermore, you’ll spend your night watching and hearing children walk away from your home making new fun noises.

Additionally, they can help parents keep track of their kids. The kazooing child won’t be the one to wander off unseen or unheard. That is, not if they’re making a ton of racket with their fun new noisemaker!

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7. Coloring Sheets With Small Packs of Crayons

No matter how many pillowcases of candy children collect, it’s safe to assume that parents will be hiding or throwing out a big chunk. Otherwise, those little costumes might end up covered in vomit!

Handing out activities like coloring sheets will give them something to do without upsetting their tummies.

The little hulks, ghosts, princesses, and more will love to get home and start on their Halloween activity! Coloring sheets are a fantastic way to give a child entertainment even after they’re called back inside. Plus, it can help them wind down after an epic night of hitting every house in the neighborhood.

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