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Sinus, allergy, and sleep disorder problems don’t happen only in Houston. For patients arriving from out of town, we recommend the following protocols.


Review the educational material on this website related to your complaint or disorder. Do not make assumptions on how to manage your disorder. A treatment plan will be based on a comprehensive history and physical exam. You will not be able to be treated by a phone call or email.


Schedule your initial consultation by calling 713-523-8800 or requesting an appointment online. Next, obtain all you studies prior to your visit, including sleep studies, imaging studies, and copies of related office charts. If you had any imaging done, kindly acquire the actual films (can be in CD form). Plan on spending at least 2-4 working days in case additional tests are required to complete your assessment.

If you are recommended an in-office procedure then it may be possible to be treated at the same time as your visit. It is rarely practical to schedule a surgical procedure within a few days of your initial appointment.


Once your treatment plan is finalized and additional therapy is required including surgery and follow-up, coordinate your next visit(s) with the staff and surgical coordinator. If you require hotel recommendations, please contact Dr. Pasha’s office for assistance.