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“Flattening the curve” by reducing exposure risk, was designed essentially to avoid saturation of the healthcare system (particularly ventilators), ICU beds, and personal protective equipment. We remind everyone to abide by CDC and local “stay-at-home” guidelines.

Nonetheless, we need to look to next steps once the stay order is lifted. COVID-19 is a very transmissible virus which accounts for these surges. It is best to assume that you will be eventually exposed, and until we have a vaccine, assume you may get infected. You need to position yourself the best you can to be part of the asymptomatic or minor symptom group and not among those who may require hospitalization. To accomplish that, you need to focus on keeping your immune system in its best possible state to keep the virus in check.

Dr. Pasha and his staff recommend the following:

  1. Eat Healthy. This is NOT the time to let your diet get out of control. Sugar and refined carbohydrates are poisons to your immune system and should be reduced. Make sure you maintain your micronutrient requirements, especially Vitamins C, B12, D, E, Zinc, and Selenium. Supplement as needed.   
  2. Exercise:  Get off of your feet and hit it harder than you ever have before. Exercise, especially high intensity, has been shown to improve immune function. Although gyms may be closed, there are plenty of videos that outline exercise regimens at home or outside. No excuses, push yourself anyway you can.
  3. Sleep Well:  At our clinic we specialize in sleep apnea and sleep related disorders. Get your required sleep, avoid sleeping pills, and manage your sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation has been shown to directly compromise your immunity.  
  4. Manage Your Stress:  Do not let this virus get the best of you. Be sure to nurture your mental health. Virtual counseling is available remotely so take advantage of various video chat options to keep yourself connected. Practice meditation and yoga or any spiritual exercise that keeps your head straight. Be patient, flexible, and understand that everyone throughout the world is going through difficult times. 
  5. Control Your Allergies and Sinus Issues: This respiratory virus lives initially in your nose and throat. Our office focuses on sinus and allergy related issues and we are promoting especially our home immunotherapy (“allergy shot”) program. You want your body’s immune system focused on fighting real pathogens like this virus and not distracted by harmless antigens like pollen and dust.  
  6. Manage Your Co-Morbidities: If you do have a chronic health condition like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or a lung condition, make sure you’re 100% compliant with your management. This virus takes advantage of those who have health conditions especially if not controlled.

Houston is Strong and we are proud of everyone from healthcare workers and our community leaders to those who have complied with stay-at-home mandates and social distancing,

Be safe and smile.

Raza Pasha, MD
Medical Director
Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center
2615 Southwest Freeway, Suite 290
Houston, Texas 77098-4608

Assistant Clinical Professor
UTMB School of Medicine

West Houston:  281-920-5558 
Kirby:  713-523-8800


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