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At Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center of Houston, we offer the following in-office, non-surgical treatments and procedures for Sinus & Allergy relief.

Balloon Septoplasty

Similar to Balloon Sinuplasty, a new in-office procedure that utilizes the same balloon technology to repair the septum without requiring you to go to the operating room.

Balloon Sinuplasty

May be considered for those that have recurrent sinus infections or barosinusitis (facial pain caused by pressure such as in-flight).

Corticosteroid Sinus Implants

A sinus procedure involving cutting edge technology that helps reduce inflammation, scarring, and polyps in the sinus.

Cryotherapy/Cryosurgery of the Nasal Passage (ClariFix®)

A new procedure for those who want an alternative to medications for persistent runny nose and congestion.

Home Immunotherapy / Sublingual Drops

Allergy treatment to help increase allergic immunity without producing symptoms.

RF Reduction Therapy of the Turbinate

A turbinate reduction procedure that decreases the turbinate’s size to alleviate congestion and improve overall nose function.