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Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

So you’ve arrived at your amazing vacation destination, your itinerary finalized, your senses eager to take in everything the sights have to offer. What you weren’t planning on was the sudden onslaught of itchy eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, headache, dry nostrils, and general misery. You’re in a standoff with a terrible allergy day and it appears to be the victor. All of a sudden, the great outdoors seem anything but, and you find yourself seeking refuge anywhere that nature can’t find you. Don’t isolate yourself to the hotel room just yet…with just a little bit of flexibility you can still enjoy your dream vacation.

Consider checking out the area’s museum collections. This is a great chance to explore the history of the city or find a specialty exhibit that’s on tour and may not be scheduled to hit your hometown. If you’re a fan of the arts, ask about any art or photography exhibits showcasing local artists or performances worth attending; there may be a rich theater or music scene you’re missing out on.

Try that yoga class you’ve been meaning to get around to back home. Prevention magazine suggests 2 key yoga poses to help allergy sufferers find relief. So, find a yoga studio with a view and work on your zen. Starting any new fitness routine can be difficult and feel forced, but discovering new relaxation techniques while on vacation may make this something you look forward to adding to your daily routine.

Are you a foodie at heart? Find local Michelin-rated restaurants and spoil yourself with the culinary tour of a lifetime, or just ask locals for their favorite recommendations. What better way to immerse yourself into a new culture than by truly tasting what it has to offer? If you’re a wine connoisseur, a good wine tasting may be right up your alley. Different regions of the world often add a custom flavor note to popular options like merlot or pinot grigio, so although you’re reaching for a familiar favorite, you may be in for a savory surprise. Or maybe you’ll discover a unique blend that’s all their own, a new guilty pleasure worth writing home about.

And if you’re going to indulge, go all the way with a spa day. This particular activity may not be an immersion into a new culture and you’re definitely not seeing the sights—but you’ll probably learn a thing or two about effective relaxation, and man will you feel amazing when it’s over. After all, the point of a vacation is to relax.

Lastly, as cliché as sounds, go shopping. No, not at any local malls, go for the good stuff; you’d be surprised at the amazing finds you’ll come across at local boutiques and markets. From clothing to jewelry, from artwork to hand-crafted decor, maybe you’ll find that perfect throw to complete your family room. Commemorate your vacation with unique and meaningful souvenirs that will have your friends gushing every time they visit.

Most importantly, don’t stress. Yes, allergies are obnoxious. They get in the way, and sometimes they foil all of your plans. But no matter how bad they get, there are ways to overcome their misery. Your vacation may not go exactly as planned, but sometimes the best experiences are the ones you never saw coming. Go with the flow, let your inner adventurer loose, and see what amazing things you can uncover. Safe travels!

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