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Nantucket, Massachusetts

14 Miles of Heaven for Beach Lovers, Shoppers, and Foodies

Allergy-friendly Travel Rating - 2If long walks on the beach, hearty bowls of clam chowder, and small-town charm sound like a dream come true, we’ve got the perfect destination for you to visit this year—Nantucket, Massachusetts. Nantucket, in all of its seaside and historical glory, is a cozy 50-square miles, but there’s so much to do and see that it will feel anything but tiny.

Nantucket is an island on the East Coast, just south of Cape Cod. It has a humid climate, with temperatures ranging from just below 32 degrees fahrenheit in the winter to around 68 degrees fahrenheit in the summer (it’s safe to say a jacket will come in handy here). The chilly temperatures are worth it though because Dr. Pasha rated Nantucket a 2 out of 10 on the Pasha Allergy Scale! You could experience some allergies from ragweed, mold, and pollen while on your trip, but we’ll provide you with plenty of tips and we’ll break down the best times of year to travel to Nantucket, so you can enjoy your breezy vacation at one of America’s most photographed locations.

Pollen, Mold, and Ragweed – Nantucket’s Allergens and What to Do About Them

New England is famous for its vivid fall colors. The bold reds, bright golds, and deep oranges are truly a sight to behold. If you’re planning on an autumn getaway, be aware that once the fall leaves begin to decay, mold spores become a top offender when it comes to allergens. This mold allergen is prevalent in Nantucket as well. Additionally, in Nantucket, ragweed is especially prevalent in the fall (although it is present in all seasons except for winter). If mold or ragweed allergies are your achilles’ heel, you may want to save your trip to Nantucket for another season.

If you just can’t bear to miss out on Nantucket in the fall (it really is beautiful, so we don’t blame you!) try to avoid going outside between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to help control your symptoms, and take an antihistamine as soon as the allergies start bothering you.

For severe pollen allergy sufferers, avoid visiting Nantucket in the spring and summer because that’s when it tends to runs rampant. Good news, summer is tourist season in Nantucket, so traveling during the off-season makes it more likely that you’ll enjoy a quieter, more relaxing trip. (And even better, you probably won’t have to wait in line for clam chowder!)

While there may be three different allergens to watch out for in Nantucket, they’re fairly mild compared to the rest of the country.

Now That Your Allergies Are Under Control, Let’s Have Some Fun

Tourists walk in city streets in Nantucket, MA.The attractions are the best part of any trip! (Aside from the food, of course…) We’ve gathered a few notable must-see attractions you’ll definitely want to add to your itinerary.

Visit the Brant Point Light Station, the second lighthouse established in colonial America! Unfortunately, the original wooden lighthouse was destroyed by a fire in 1757, and has since been rebuilt and moved more than any other lighthouse in the country. The current lighthouse was built in 1901, and is still active today. You won’t want to miss this rich piece of American history!

Pack a picnic and plan a day trip to the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. Walk along the beach, go on a hike, try some fishing, and keep your eyes open for deer, seals, crabs, and birds. It’s fun for all ages, and even better, it’s open year-round.

Parked bicycles on the beach in summer in Nantucket, MA.Grab your flip flops and sunscreen and hit the beach. Jetties Beach is a great option because it’s easily accessible and the water is warmer than some of the other beaches on the island. If jumping in the waves or looking for seashells isn’t your thing, the beach boasts a variety of activities like tennis, volleyball, and even sailing lessons.

What to Know Before You Go – A Guide to Medications in Nantucket

If you’re coming from another city in the states, you shouldn’t have any restrictions on medications, unless of course, you’re flying—in which case, follow the regulations set forth by your airline.

Should you run out of medicine, forget to pack it, or the pesky airline loses your luggage, you should have no problem stopping by a local pharmacy and picking up some replacement medication.

If you’re coming to Nantucket from a country outside of the United States, check out these tips from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for traveling into the country with medication.

No matter when you visit, Nantucket will offer you a charming and rejuvenating vacation. Pack some sunscreen, a jacket, and a good book and enjoy your coastal vacation! Bon voyage!

Be sure to check out the Pasha Travel Guide to see this year’s top 12 travel destinations, and learn tips for traveling allergy-free. Next week, we’re featuring Perth, Australia, and covering allergens to watch out for, fun activities to do while you’re there, and important medicine restrictions for travelers. Stay tuned later this week to learn what hypoallergenic essentials to bring on your trip. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more updates!