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In order to comprehensively manage snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders, The Pasha Sinus And Snoring Center here in Houston has developed its own medically supervised weight loss program. Guided by an advanced practice registered nutritionist, Dr. Ellis Morrow, the program is designed specifically for our patient population. Covered by almost all insurance plans, our doctor supervised weight loss program addresses the specific challenges of patients with sleeping disorders.

Philosophically, our weight loss program focuses on lifestyle and away from fad diets. Keeping to a “no gimmicky policy”, every patient is treated differently. Expect Dr. Ellis to spend an hour on your first visit assessing your body composition, baseline metabolic rate, eating and coping habits, and other factors that contribute to weight gain. As the medical weight loss program progresses, Dr. Ellis will cater your weight loss program specific to your dietary needs and behavior.

Weight gain and sleep apnea go hand in hand. Sleep apnea causes weight gain and weight gain worsens sleep apnea. Breaking this vicious cycle is paramount for managing sleep apnea as well as general healthy living.

5 Yoga Poses That Might Actually Help You Sleep Better

Our collection of five yoga poses will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: fit in some exercise into your busy daily routine and help you sleep restfully throughout the night. For some additional tips on how to get quality sleep, we have you covered. No need for fancy equipment either. All you need is a bed and a yoga mat and you’re set.

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